HP Releases Version 3 of Its Technical White Paper

Hewlett Packard (HP) has rolled out a third update of its technical white paper, which was first released globally in October, at the RemaxAsia Conference in Zhuhai.

HP’s White Paper urges and warns the aftermarket to stop misleading consumers with inappropriate messages displayed from their printer cartridges when inserted into the printer. The OEM claims customers have a right to know what cartridges they have installed in their printers. It deems cartridges misidentifying themselves as HP cartridges are counterfeit, or otherwise engaging in deceptive brand identification. The OEM asserts the purpose of the whitepaper is to inform manufacturers of aftermarket chips of the changes in certain cartridge chips, details which toner chips should be changed, and explains the requirements for ensuring that alternative chips are identified as such without impact to their performance.

HP further detailed its solution by emphasizing the latest version of the firmware, which is available at http://www8.hp.com/us/en/drivers.html. The printer giant claims it supports a variety of ways by which users can update printer firmware, including using remote solutions. Also, the latest version of White Paper has included 7 additional models of printers, including HP CLJ CP4025 / CLJ CP4525, HP CLJ CP4025 / CLJ CP4525, HP CLJ CP6015 / CM6030mfp / CM6040mfp, HP CLJ CM6030mfp / CM6040mfp, HP CLJ CP1215 / CLJ CM1312 / CLJ CP1515n / CLJ 1518n, HP CLJ CP1215 / CLJ CM1312 / CLJ CP1515n / CLJ 1518n and HP LJ M1536 / LJ P1566 / LJ P1606dn.

The latest updated White Paper is available on HP’s website and is also being distributed by Recycling Times Media to the aftermarket industry athttp://bit.ly/paperv3.

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