HP Releases Technical White Paper Update to Avoid Brand Identification

HP has rolled out the fourth edition of its technical White Paper, aiming to inform aftermarket chip manufacturers of the brand identification feature of their cartridges, as well as detailed change specifics for alternative chips with solutions provided.

The first White Paper was presented by HP’s Matthew Barley and Elizabeth Porter at RT Media’s RemaxWorld Summit in Zhuhai, China in September 2013.

In that edition, and each edition since, the White Paper, HP urges the Aftermarket chip manufacturers to change their existing products in a timely way, as HP’s best–selling cartridges now facilitate the proper identification of all cartridge types which enables the same core features for non-HP as HP cartridges. A cartridge that is properly identified as Non-HP will not result in a loss of core features or degraded performance. Moreover, chips with correct messaging will help protect themselves from being sold misidentified as counterfeits.

HP further outlined its solution by emphasizing the latest version of its printer firmware, which is available at: http://support.hp.com/usen/drivers/

According to HP, users can update printer firmware through a variety of ways, including using remote solutions. With the introduction of HP LaserJet printers and MFPs with JetIntelligence in 2015, additional protection was added to further valid the authenticity of Genuine HP supplies, which requires two fields in concert to identify whether a supply is Genuine HP or non HP. The first field indicates the presence of a digital signature and the second is the traditional manufacturer ID field from legacy products. Both of these fields must indicate either an HP supply or a non-HP supply. Mismatches in this data will result in a supply memory error.

The while paper has also introduced 52 additional printers that support brand identification. Details at: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/ .

The full edition of the latest White Paper is available now at: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/ .

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