HP Recommends Remanufacturers to Make Further Changes

HP’s Matthew Barkley and Elizabeth Porter will jointly advise cartridge remanufacturers from around the world, they need to check that the microchips they use, do not infringe HP’s intellectual property.

The largest manufacturer and distributor of printers in the world will meet with cartridge remanufacturers, to advise them how to avoid infringing its intellectual property—this time with the use of aftermarket microchips.

Hewlett Packard’s Elizabeth Porter and Matthew Barkley will speak to 200 delegates—from more than 40 countries—at the annual Conference@2013 at the Holiday Inn in Zhuhai on October 16.

“HP has chosen this particular conference, because of its reach to the global aftermarket industry,” Matt Barkley told Recycling Times Media’s David Gibbons. Recycling Times Media has been running the conference—which will focus on “Preparing for Change” this year—every year since 2006.

In recent times, the aftermarket industry has been rattled by many legal challenges by—and the issuing of exclusion orders to—original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as Canon, Lexmark and HP. While the aftermarket largely respects the intellectual property of the OEMs, Barkley explains due diligence needs to continue, to make sure work-around solutions do not infringe the patents owned by HP.

Now, according to HP, the focus of intellectual property rights will focus on the smart chips used in printer cartridges. This will be news to those manufacturing the aftermarket chips, as well as those using them during remanufacture.

Barkley told Recycling Times, HP has recently notified some prominent chip manufacturers that their replacement chips for certain models of HP toner cartridges provide misleading messages to end users. “HP would like to share these issues with the broader aftermarket community, as well as other considerations that have not yet been shared with any party.  The intent would be to ensure all manufacturers have the suitable information to make changes to their products or demand compliant products from their suppliers.”

Barkley believes the simulcast translated presentation (Chinese and English) fits well with the Conference agenda, and will bring important news to the global aftermarket industry about the infringement, brand misrepresentation and counterfeiting of HP’s intellectual property.

Elizabeth Porter, HP’s Worldwide Toner Competitive Response Manager and Matthew Barkley, HP’s Worldwide IP & Brand Protection Programs Manager, have entitled their joint presentation: “HP LaserJet Chips – Recommended Changes to Avoid Brand Misidentification.”

Aftermarket and industry leaders, wanting to attend the conference, can buy tickets while seats remain. Please contact Ms. Tobee Deng <Tobee.Deng@irecyclingtimes.com> to secure a seat today, to avoid disappointment, as the venue does not permit an audience larger than 200.

For more speaker details, including market analyst reports, patent attorney views, regional market reports as well as keynote presentations by various OEMs, go to www.irecyclingtimes.com

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