HP Introduces Authentication Technology to Fight against Fakes in Nigeria

HP is introducing an authentication technology to help customers in Nigeria identify if the ink and toner printer cartridges purchased are genuine. This technology is for combat against illegal counterfeiting of its products.

According to HP, one of the ways to identify fake HP Laser Jet Print cartridges is to check for an HP security label over the tear strip of the outer packaging. Security labels are found on most HP inkjet products in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Middle East and Africa.

The new labels have sophisticated holographic properties as well as Quick Response (QR) code which customers can easily validate using a web-enabled Smartphone or online via a new HP web page. Customers can also download and install free software from the website to detect anything unusual.

HP invests $4 billion annually to conduct research and development to combat counterfeiting of its products. As part of its Anti-counterfeit Program, the company trains customs and other law enforcement authorities to be able to spot suspicious printing supplies.

In the last 4 years, HP had carried out over 1,000 investigations resulting in more than 800 raid actions in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Almost 9 million units of counterfeit products and components were seized.

HP supply’s country manager for English West Africa, Rita Amuchienwa, expressed her concern on the damaging impact of counterfeit products on businesses around Nigeria.

She said, counterfeiters harm manufactures and customers by consistently undermining business standards and practices. Moreover, they undermine the reputation of global brands.

Amuchienwa also said HP is leading the way in combating the illegal activities through its awareness campaigns and innovations.

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