HP Expands Partnership with WWF

HP Expands Partnership with WWF

HP Expands Partnership with WWF

HP Expands Partnership with WWFTo further its commitment to forest conservation as part of HP’s comprehensive climate action strategy, HP Inc. expanded an $80 million partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

This expanded $80 million partnership with WWF will address 17 million metric tons of paper used in both consumer and commercial HP printers over 10 years. That is equivalent to sustainably managing, restoring and protecting nearly 1 million acres (384,000 hectares) of forest.

By doing so, HP claimed that it raises the bar for corporate leadership on nature-based solutions as the first company to pilot science-based targets for forests with WWF and becomes WWF’s largest U.S. corporate partner to-date.

“While HP already maintains zero-deforestation status for its HP paper and paper-based packaging, this collaboration will support HP’s growing series of commitments to forest conservation around the world. It will also enable HP to make progress on its goal to counterbalance forest resources attributable to non-HP paper used in its products and print services by 2030,” said the spokesman of HP.

Nearly half of all global forests are under threat of deforestation and forest degradation. This represents a major risk to biodiversity, water, people and businesses that depend on healthy forests. Research shows that nature-based solutions, such as sustainable land management and forest protection and restoration, can contribute up to 30 percent of the climate mitigation needed by 2050 to meet the Paris Agreement’s objective of limiting climate change to 1.5oC. Conserving forests is one of the ways HP is combating climate change.

“At HP, we understand this decade is critical for addressing climate change. Given the impact forests have on the air we breathe, habitats for wildlife, and the livelihoods of communities around the world, they are critical for human survival as well as material to our business,” said James McCall, chief sustainability officer, HP Inc. “This partnership is designed to help counterbalance every page printed on an HP printer by regenerating critical forest ecosystems globally. Forest positive printing has the potential to ensure a better future for everyone, everywhere.”

HP first announced its Forest Positive vision for print in 2019, pledging to “give back to the forest more than it takes.” To realize its Forest Positive vision, HP and its partners are working together to conserve vital forest ecosystems.

“To truly solve the dual climate and nature crises, we need companies to go even further than their immediate supply chains,” said Carter Roberts, president & CEO of WWF. “Solving these problems means taking responsibility for emissions and environmental impacts from the entire life cycle of a company’s products. By pledging to address forest resources used for paper outside its supply chain, HP is accelerating ambition for corporate climate and nature commitments. And by helping us pioneer the development of science-based targets for forests, HP is building a road map for others to follow.”

Accelerating Our Impact

Prior to this expansion, HP and WWF began working together in September 2019 to harness nature-based solutions to deliver on biodiversity conservation, clean water and air, and climate resilience in Brazil’s threatened Atlantic Forest and China’s Fujian, Guangxi and Guangdong provinces. Over the past two years, WWF and HP engaged over 50 local institutions in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest in native forest restoration and 54 community members in China to ensure the responsible management of their bamboo and forest lands. In support of the Raízes do Mogi Guaçu project in Brazil, 158 acres of land are under restoration. In China, over 35,257 acres of bamboo and mixed forests are now under Forest Stewardship Council smallholder certification. HP and WWF have also been working together for over a decade on responsible sourcing, and HP is now part of Forests Forward, WWF’s new program to engage business, communities and other key forest stakeholders to help transform the way we value, manage, protect and restore forests to sustain business, people and nature.

As part of this partnership expansion, WWF is also joining HP’s Sustainable Forest Collaborative, a cross-industry collaboration to demonstrate scientific and commercially viable approaches to keep working forest ecosystems healthy.



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