HP Exec Don Dixon Joins Xerox Team

HP’s chief strategist for its worldwide MPS business, Don Dixon, recently announced his departure from the IT giant’s team to join Xerox to lead the Global Document Outsourcing Business Group. His new responsibilities include managing Xerox’s managed print services (MPS) and centralized print services (CPS) offerings. Dixon joins an advancing team as Xerox continues to focus on replacing hard copy revenues with services revenues and recently reported 55.3% of its 2013 revenue came from services.

Photizo Group’s View

Executives jump ship to ship regularly for various reasons, and this announcement is no different, but it did cause some questions and speculations around the virtual Photizo water cooler recently. With HP’s recent executive-level transitions, its possible Dixon, a savvy businessman, saw the direction HP’s new CEO was taking the firm and decided to move on. It’s doubtful this move is any official Xerox strategy to “poach” HP, but we are left wondering if Dixon left with a non-compete agreement that may affect his new position.

(Source:Photizo Group)

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