How Can Mobile Printing Connect Digitalization with Hardcopy?

How Can Mobile Printing Connect Digitalization with Hardcopy?

What’s the No. 1 device you can’t live without nowadays? How much time do you spend on this device? Does it stay on the table next to you as you sleep at night?

According to Flurry, a US-based mobile analytics company, app usage grew by 58% year-on-year during 2015, and time spent using mobile devices grew by 117%.

People spend hours and hours on their phones and we now have multiple solutions for keeping our documents, including cloud computing, mobile hard disk drive and etc. However, many still think the hardcopy printing market still have a lot of opportunities.

Mike Huster, Director, Competitive Intelligence, told RT Media, “We do not see paperless, but instead ‘less paper’ until such time that the millennial generation takes over as managers. If you look at the OEMs, most have extended the product life cycle from 18 months – 4 years to the current 5-6 years. This has occurred because there has been a decrease in printing and an increase in capturing, scanning, storage, and retrieval of data (digital) for use in line-of-business applications.”

So if there should be a way to add value by combining the digitalization and hardcopy, mobile printing can be an option. In fact, this technology still has a long way to go.

David Gibbons, Director of RT Media, had a question for all attendees at the RT Imaging Summit-Europe 2016. He asked, “Please put your hand up if you have never tried to print documents directly from your phone to a printer.” All were astonished to find that 90% put their hands up. Almost everyone in the summit room had never tried.

Does that mean mobile printing is not working? Drivve’s CEO, Thilo Lutzeler sees potential in this technology and shared many insights with the attendees on site. Later, Lutzeler told RT Media, “As revolutions go, the mobile printing revolution is a stealthy one. Never as eloquently declared as the American Revolution, nor as keen to decapitate elites as the French, nor as anti-bourgeois as the Russian, it is nonetheless gaining steam.”

Lutzeler will again share his latest views at the 2016 RemaxWorld Summit in Zhuhai China. With the topic of “The Advent of Mobile Printing—how does this threaten and give new opportunities for printing supplies,” Lutzeler will share his views on the latest mobile printing trends and provide some ideas on how to find the opportunities with the technology.

According to Recycling Times Media Corporation, the organizer of RemaxWorld Summit, industry elites will share their latest information, cutting edge intelligence and business insights. The organizer expects this 10th event to host over 200 attendees.

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