Hospitals Freed of Copier & Printer Contracts

Hospitals Freed of Copier & Printer Contracts

Hospitals Freed of Copier & Printer ContractsNo-Lease print solution provides equipment, flexibility, efficiency & savings. Asheville, NC: An agreement, structured by Right in Front Strategy, between Capstone Health Alliance and Sun Print Management now provides Capstone’s 96 member hospitals access to HP or Lexmark print & MFP technology without requiring equipment purchase, restrictive leases or long term commitments.

Perhaps most unique about the Sun Print model is a member ‘s ability to terminate one machine or the entire fleet upon 30 days notice. Contract flexibility, standard per impression price across the fleet and freedom from lease agreements enables workflow efficiency rather than fixed contract commitments determine print configuration and distribution.

Under the agreement the Capstone Membership will receive:

  • No-Cost print efficiency and savings assessments
  • Support for hospital owned printers & MFP’s or replacement with Sun Print equipment
  • All onsite service, helpdesk, toner, spare devices, etc.
  • All inclusive per page cost model for B&W and color equipment.
  • A single monthly invoice with detail page counts for each device
  • Resulting in average 35% – 50% savings vs. current costs

(Source: CMOAustralia)

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