High-Capacity Ink Tank Printers Hit the Market

Seiko Epson Corporation claims it has sold 15 million high-capacity ink tank printers globally since the product was launched in October 2010.

Following that successful launch in Indonesia Epson has introduced the ink tank printers to 150 other countries and regions.

According to the OEM, the success of the ink tank printers is due to several factors. Fully integrated and bundled with high-yield ink bottles, the high-capacity ink tanks provide a reliable solution with convenience and cost-effectiveness. Users can fill the high-capacity ink tanks and print thousands of pages without interruption.

Koichi Kubota, Director, Managing Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Printer Operations Division, says, “We identified a unique market opportunity; customers looking for a purpose-built, reliable, cost-effective and high-volume printing solution. Our innovative high-capacity ink tank printers provide the answer, and the figures testify to that.”




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