Hewlett-Packard Partners with Staples

Hewlett-Packard Co. has recently signed an agreement with Staples Inc., under which Staples will sell HP’s Instant Ink replacement service to customers in the U.S..

According to finance.yahoo.com, with the price of merely $99.99, Staples will help to accelerate the sales of HP Instant Ink-enabled printers. The available products include Officejet Pro 6830, 8610, 8620, and 8630, the Officejet 4630, 5740, and 8040, and the ENVY 4500, 5530, 5660 and 7640.

This agreement expands the reach of HP products and in the meantime adds to Staple’s product range. The partnership will benefit both dealers and customers. Dealers can benefit from discounts, which will be transferred to end customers.

HP Instant Ink is a program installed on certain printers that can calculate when the ink is running low and automatically order for a new supply of original HP ink, and then the ink will be delivered to the registered address.

As long as they sign up for the 12-month HP Instant Ink service plan and use the requisite number of pages under the plan, customers can claim up to 50% savings.

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