Google Finds 86 Thousand HP Printers Ready to Hack

Google Finds 86 Thousand HP Printers Ready to Hack

It has been revealed that Google indexes more than 86000 publicly available HP printers. Any hacker could use scripting to access any of those and start using it to print papers.

According to the report, people can use a simple search with the following address to easily find the indexed printers: inurl:hp/device/this.LCDispatcher?nav=hp.Print.

Many of the printers, unguarded by any security measures, are easy to be hacked. Hackers only need a simple script to bypass the printers’ passwords to access and use the machine. More astonishingly, many of the machines don’t even have a password!

Those printers are often used as public devices, such as in the university, which as a result put the whole organization in exposure.

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