Global Inkjet Printhead Market Gets a Head rtmworld

Global Inkjet Printhead Market Gets a Head

Global Inkjet Printhead Market Gets a Head rtmworldGlobal Inkjet Printhead Market Gets a Head

According to a report from NXTGEN, the global inkjet printhead market will continue to grow, reach US$2.457 billion by the end of 2022.

Back in 2016, the global market was valued at US$2.039 billion and is continuing to grow at a CAGR of 3.16%.

Inkjet heads, also known as inkjet printheads, are the core of an inkjet printer. They are used in industrial, commercial and office inkjet printers.

The inkjet printhead can be divided into two categories—piezoelectric and thermal. The thermal type has the “lion’s share” of the market share and accounted for 72.98% of the total market in 2017 with piezoelectric heads accounting for the other 27.02%.

The consumption market share of global inkjet printheads remains stable each year with consumer and office applications holding a 75.06% share, commercial having a 20.01% share and industrial applications with a 4.94% share in 2017. Over the years since the fluctuations have been less than one percent. This indicates the inkjet printhead segment within the global market is fixed. The inkjet printhead market has the most promising sales prospects in the consumer and office sector.

Biggest Players

The report reveals that Japan is the biggest inkjet printhead revenue market, accounting for 36.75% of the total global market with a revenue of US$766.96 million in 2017, followed by the United States with 32.15% and a revenue of US$670.99 million.

HP is the largest company in the global inkjet printhead market, accounting for 23.37% of the revenue market share in 2017. It is followed by XAAR and Canon which accounted for 15.69% and 12.20% respectively of the revenue market share in 2017. The top ten manufacturers account for 94.45% of the revenue market.


In this high-precision field, China has become a large international consumer of inkjet print heads. Until now, China does not have any companies manufacturing this product. Although research institutions have begun to study and foreign patents have been disclosed, China is still unable to produce the product and continues to rely on imports.

With the rapid growth of its national economy as well as the rapid development of downstream industries, digital printing products have shown stable growth in China. The Chinese digital printing market demand is exuberant, which provides a good opportunity for the future development of inkjet print heads market and technology.



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