Giant’s Plans Shared at 20 Year Celebrations

The Chinese copier and printer supply giant, CET, celebrated its 20th anniversary by holding a two day event at the Sheraton Hotel in China. Roughly 300 clients and suppliers of CET joined the event from over 100 countries and different regions across the world.

The Beijing-based CET Group event was aimed to review its achievements and changes over the past two decades. The event consisted of a conference, factory tours and a gala dinner for all attendees.

At the conference, CET’s Founder Steven Ma (Pictured) said that CET can now be regarded as a company with high standards. Mr. Ma believes that the company is well equipped with its patents and innovative technology. By using the world-class manufacturing equipment, CET’s heating elements production line ensures consistent products of high quality.

Speaking of the product quality, Mr. Ma also noted that its testing center will help CET compete with the OEMs, as the center is certified nationally and is helping the company to develop high quality products. Plus, Mr. Ma observed, “We have the largest facility with the strictest standards in the world. CET’s testing standards will be the benchmark for the compatible products industry.”

John McCracken, manager of the testing center, also pointed out the significance of testing. McCracken said, “Instituting comparative and baseline testing results gives a closer match to the quality and specifications of the OEM. Our testing center can deliver faster, more efficient test results in a shorter time to the market.”

Regarding the future, Mr. Ma also revealed CET’s plan for the next 20 years. As disclosed, CET is investing US $100 million on a new factory in Caofeidian Industrial Zone. The company expects the 1 million square ft (93,000 sqm) complex, all set up with modern, first-rate facilities, to be completed and ready for 2018. In addition, CET’s products can be delivered to the global customers faster through its distribution centers in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Singapore and USA.

“The next 20 years will be challenging. We will continue in our pursuit for perfection,” added McCracken. “To accomplish this we must continue looking for ways to test smarter. We must get higher quality products to the market quicker.”

Moreover, Mr. Ma said that CET will build a new global business model to connect with CET’s clients and partners. “We hope that 1+1=11. We will exist with our customers. We work together and we share. We are expecting that our partnership will be more powerful and influential.”

At the gala dinner, Mr. Ma once again highlighted the company’s new motto for business partnership that “1+1=11.” Later, the top management of CET also gave their thoughts at the company’s 20th anniversary, including Ruxu Wang, General Manager of Production, Jia Yu, Vice President of CET, Paola, Sales Manager for the LATAM region, Joseph Steinberg (pictured), President of US-based Company Q2 LLC, Toyoshi Ohashi, Vice General Manager of Technical Department at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Yunlong Liu, Sales Director.

Established in 1996, the group has evolved from a small team to a conglomerate which registered US $70 million annual revenue in 2016. CET is said to continue to invest more in product R&D, testing and patents. Mr. Ma said, “Life is to move on, and never stop.” CET looks forward to the next 20 years.

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