GfK Sees Boost in Higher-Priced Inkjet Printer Sales in China

The latest report from GfK (Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung), one of the world’s largest marketing research corporations, unveiled retail sales of lower-price inkjet printers (sold below RMB500) in China declined, while that of higher-priced machines grew during January and February 2014.

GfK noted that sales of inkjet printers costing up to RMB200 in January and February 2014 represented a 3% market share, falling from 7% in the same period last year. The printers sold in the price range between RMB200 and RMB500 declined from 47% share in January and February 2013 to 44% share in the same period of 2014.

Three major factors resulted in the hike of higher-priced inkjet printers, said the statement. First, consumers have become more sensitive to the cost of printer consumables rather than the cost of the printer, and intend to buy higher-price products with higher yield consumables enabling lower printing cost.

Second, the price of lower-priced devices increased, due to the rise of their production cost caused by the increased cost of raw materials, labor, rent as well as pressure from channels.

Third, OEMs have launched more marketing and promotional campaigns for higher-price machines, instead of the lower-price printers. The more costly machines can be converted to ones that use aftermarket continuous supply cartridges. These are key to reducing competition from compatible cartridges.

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