German Ink Maker OCP GmbH Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Germany’s highly successful ink manufacturer, OCP GmbH, founded by Dr. Siegfried Koch and Horst-Gerhardt Edelmeier on August, 12th 1994, announced its 20th anniversary.

The company expressed its deepest gratitude to customers, vendors, distributors, business partners, all employees and co-workers, as well as everyone around the world. Also, it noted that “nobody knows whether inkjet printing will still exist in 20 years. But we, from our side, will do our best (so) that it will”.

OCP said, “We want to take this day of the 20th anniversary to thank everybody around the globe who has helped us in the past 20 years to reach the market position we have. We want to thank all our customers. Without them we would not be the leading refilling inkjet ink maker. We want to thank all our vendors for the co-operation even in rough seas. We want to thank all our worldwide distributors for their constant willingness and their success to sell the excellent OCP inks in their territories. We want to thank all business partners for their support. And last but not least we want to thank all our employees and co-workers for being with us.”

Horst Edelmeier, CEO of OCP, was featured on Recycling Times Magazine before, please refer to:

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