Funai Launches Kodak Inkjet Printers

Funai Launches Kodak Inkjet Printers

Funai Launches Kodak Inkjet PrintersFunai Electric, the worldwide licensee for Kodak Consumer and SOHO Inkjet Printers, announced it is launching its first Kodak-branded product this month.  Funai developed the line of all-in-one inkjet printers to address lingering consumer dissatisfaction with the high cost of ink and cartridges that run out of ink too fast.

Funai has a long history of manufacturing inkjet and laser printers for recognized brands around the world. They have built more than 130 million inkjet printers over the last 16 years. For more than 120 years, the Kodak brand has stood for high quality, ease of use and great value. “The KODAK VERITE 55 is the first in a line of new and innovative printing products coming from Funai and we are happy to be partnering with Kodak to deliver a product that consumers clearly want,” said Kiyoshi Chinzei, General Manager, Office Solutions, Funai Electric.

The new printer provides an easy way for people to save up to 50% on their printing costs1. Consumers get the satisfaction of knowing they can save on ink but also the convenience of having extra-large (XL) color and black cartridges – that double the print yield – from the ink included in the box. The XL cartridges will print 360 color pages and 400 black pages.  This is equivalent to $50 of value if printed using other leading manufacturer’s ink cartridges.2

The printer offers exceptional ease of use and wireless connectivity for printing, scanning and copying.  Scanning and printing from a smart phone or tablet takes a single touch or flick of the finger from the KODAK VERITE Printer App available for Apple and Android devices.  It features wireless direct and local Wi-Fi connectivity to enable wireless printing from mobile devices through the KODAK VERITE Printer App, Apple AirPrint ™ and Google Cloud Print ™.

The KODAK VERITE 55 Wireless Printer is available at WalMart for $79.47. Ink cartridges will be available for $9.97 for a standard fill (200 page yield) black cartridge and $17.97 for a standard fill (180 page yield) color cartridge.   There will also be XL (high yield) and XXL (extra high yield) cartridges that deliver up to two and three times the page yield respectively.


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