Fuji Xerox Launches Cloud-based Device Log Service

Addressing businesses’ need for better print management, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd introduces the cloud-based Device Log Service to complement Fuji Xerox multifunction devices (MFDs) and help companies achieve optimum cost efficiency and accountability.

With the Device Log Service, users will be able to more effectively track, control and allocate printing and copying costs, to bring about savings in the long term. In addition, as users can also send data directly and access usage reports via a web browser with this new service, they do not need to purchase, maintain and manage servers to manage the printing environment, thereby reducing capital expenditure in IT.

Optimised Device Usage
Enabling users to tally usage based on individuals or departments, the Device Log Service provides an accurate picture on and allows for detailed review of device usage and expense. Visual representations of figures can be generated in reports in the form of tables and charts, providing better visualisation on device usage.

By efficiently deploying devices to achieve optimal productivity, the number of devices required by each department can be reduced, saving organisations resources in terms of equipment and maintenance cost.

Fuss-free Operability
Eliminating the need for cumbersome configurations and dedicated server capacity, the Device Log Service, for Fuji Xerox MFDs linked to an EP-BB* contract, is easily and conveniently accessed via web browsers on computers with an internet connection.

With an intuitive interface and clear labels, the service enables users to delve into the task at hand and focus on achieving maximum returns on their device investment. Users can improve their Device Log Service experience and accelerate report generation by customizing accounting templates based on the format they require.

Powered by Fuji Xerox’s latest technology, EP-BB provides managed services that monitor, maintain and replenish the supplies of printing infrastructures with automatic billing reading and consumable delivery, proactive break fix and green reports. In this way, EP-BB reduces the administrative workload for MFDs and increases office productivity.

Green Advocate
By managing paper output for organisations, the Device Log Service helps environmental-conscious businesses reduce their carbon footprint while improving productivity and achieving business goals.

Providing the tools for easy tracking of usage, better cost control and efficient cost allocation, the Device Log Service complements the Server Less on Demand option for secure and convenient printing and the EP-BB to complete the suite of Fuji Xerox print management cloud-based solutions. These solutions work together to help businesses enjoy a more productive and economical print environment.

*EP-BB: EP-BB, or Electronic Partner Broadband, is a comprehensive suite of infrastructure & services designed to help customers save valuable time in managing their office equipment.

(Source: Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd)

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