Fuji-Xerox Focuses on Products, Solutions at Docuworld

Fuji-Xerox held its Docuworld 2013/14 in Shanghai last week.  It was a two-day event in which Fuji-Xerox unveiled new products, business solutions, and new technologies. The new products include the ApeosPort-V C series and the DocuCentre V C series with 10 devices in total. All these devices are digital MFDs that can print, copy, scan and fax, and feature print speed from 25 ppm to 70 ppm. They are equipped with a new WelcomeEyes Advance function that uses facial recognition technology. The device’s Server-Less On-Demand Print function automatically sends a document to another device to print when the device that the document was initially sent to is in use. These new features are said to reduce clients’ total cost of ownership.

Fuji-Xerox emphasized solutions and new technologies such as scan translation service, Denshi-Pen , and SkyDesk Media Switch technology. These technologies help users get quick translation among many languages through scanning, capture handwriting information in digital format, and convert hardcopy into digital data. These solutions collectively constitute Fuji-Xerox’s MPS and MDS offers using cloud and mobile printing technology.

Photizo’s View

Fuji-Xerox is one of the leading companies in China’s MPS market.  The event is one more effort for Fuji-Xerox to expand its MPS and MDS share in China, and change itself from a printer provider into a service provider.  But like other MPS providers in China, we think that Fuji-Xerox still has to work within the limits of the market conditions and work to change the market conditions for further growth. Such limits include that private Chinese businesses are cost-sensitive. They are willing to pay for hardware and supplies, but consider that services should be included free of charge. Government procurement policy still focuses on purchase of printer hardware, not the use of hardware as in an MPS program.

(Source: Photizo)

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