Counterfeits Worth RMB300,000 Seized in Guangzhou

According to the Guangzhou Daily, local police recently seized RMB300, 000 ($49,408 USD) worth of counterfeit goods, including 7,500 counterfeit branded ink cartridges and 1,500 counterfeit packaging materials.

Reporters noted that by producing, storing and selling counterfeit OEM branded ink cartridges—including Epson, HP and Canon—the arrested criminals sold more than 1,000 counterfeit branded products and earned over RMB100,000 ($16,469 USD) every month. In addition, the counterfeits—which were produced and stored in two apartments in Shipai, Guangzhou, China—were sold at one local computer mall or shipped to different locations across the country.

As was revealed by the Guangzhou Daily, counterfeit supplies have not been eliminated in the Guangzhou market. However, reporters pointed out that those counterfeit cartridges can be easily recognized since they have been spent and refilled.

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