Fresh Look After 16 Years

An online supplier of ink cartridges, toner and office supplies has launched a new company logo and package design.

According to LD Products, “its new logo and package design offer a contemporary look that remains true to its roots.”

The plan was disclosed for the first time at an “All Hands” company meeting earlier in 2016. In more recent times, the new look and feel has trickled through to the company’s packaging and website.

LD Products’ in-house design team drew inspiration from well-known brands such as Apple® and Nike®. The new logo is based on the company’s four major pillars reflecting the heritage, the main products, the expansion and the focus of the company.

Aaron Leon, the CEO of LD Products said, “After sixteen years with the same logo, it was time for a fresh look. We knew we wanted a simpler, more contemporary design that exemplified the continued growth of the business.”

Visit for a behind the scenes look at the creation of the new logo.

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