Printable “Smart Tattoo” for Health Is Available

A “smart tattoo” that can be printed off from an inkjet printer at home was invented.

Stock News USA reported that scientists from University Waseda, Japan, came up with this inexpensive temporary electronic tattoo printable from home.  

The hi-tech tattoos reportedly can detect your health problems, see how much alcohol you drank, as well as take measures of body temperature, heart rate, level of stress and blood pressure.

So how does it work? All your need is an inkjet printer to print black lines that conduct electricity on a nanosheet. According to, you can add components such as chip resistors and LEDs to be placed along the wires sandwiched between the nano films circuitry printed from your inkjet printer. That way, you can access the measurements via your smart phone.

It’s also worth mentioning that the tattoo sticks by itself on the skin and is stretchable, so users do not have to worry about breaking the circuits too easily.

The Japanese researchers invented this technology hope that the product can benefit wide ranging fields from sports training to healthcare.

Inkjet printable technology might be in the fad for new innovations. Back in October, last year, RT Media also reported about a wearable detector with inkjet-printable sensors for monitoring chronic wound care, invented by an American girl.

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