Cartridge World,why buy a printer,innovative,program

Free Printer Services Available Through Innovative Program

Cartridge World,why buy a printer,innovative,programA global leading provider of printer cartridges and services has released an innovative program for businesses.

According to, Cartridge World has launched a “Why Buy a Printer?” program for businesses to buy the brand’s printer cartridges. The program also offers free business class printers and on-site printer services for the buyers of printer cartridges.

Besides, Cartridge World also claims that the performance of its toner cartridges is comparable to that of the original equipment manufacturer. The price of its toner cartridges is up to 30% cheaper than the OEM ones. Onsite and professional printer assessments from a local Cartridge World expert are also provided by the program.

In addition, customers can enjoy Cartridge World’s convenient online ordering and automated toner fulfillment service as well.

Mark Pinner, the CEO of Cartridge World North America said, “Whether a business is in need of a replacement printer, printer maintenance solution or additional scanning, faxing or copying abilities, Cartridge World is committed to meeting each customer’s office needs through our ‘Why Buy a Printer?’ program.”

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