Former OCP Ink Leader Continues Career in New Company

carsten-edelmeier-thumbnailCarsten Edelmeier has taken up the post as CEO of CR-Solutions International GmbH (CRS), an empty cartridge collector based in Germany.

In a statement in December, the industry expert resigned from OCP GmbH and Cartridge World Deutschland GmbH but said he would remain in the industry. His years of experience as global sales director at OCP GmbH and CEO at Cartridge World provided him with a well-connected global network. This was quite evident to CRS who have appointed him Managing Director, replacing Mr. Christian Bracke.

“I have deliberated about several offers for my future career and decided to take this new position at CRS due to the structure of the company and the possibilities arising out of it,” said Edelmeier. “We have major expansion plans in the short and medium term. I’m looking forward to not only execute those, furthermore take a big part in the creation of them.”

OCP Ink Leader Steps Down

CRS is celebrating its fifth anniversary in this year after being amalgamated with former commercial operations that have specialized in the collection, sorting and recovery of inkjet and toner cartridges for 15 years.

OCP Implements New Industrial Standards

Florian Werthmann, the owner of CRS, said, “Nowadays the business with empty cartridges is becoming more evident than ever before with the effects of the waste legislation of the European Union.” He added, “The interpretation of these by the individual member states and the integration of printer cartridges into the scope of the ElektroG in Germany and the WEEE2 European level.”According to Edelmeier, “The main goal of our activities is the reuse of legally collected and processed cartridges through our customers on a market that will, out of our point of view, massively change due to current legislation within the next few months.”

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