Follow up After Acquisition

Samsung has disclosed more details about its Printing Solutions Group after it spins off of its printing business that will be acquired by HP Inc,.

As reported by, Samsung has unveiled the information on its printer/MFP warranties, consumables purchasing, MPS programs and the Smart UX Center after the acquisition.

Samsung has disclosed that all of the printing assets, staff, patents, and research facilities of its printing business will be acquired by HP Inc. Before this acquisition is completed, these two companies will still remain as rivals in the printing market. Its printers will be sold under the brand name of Samsung until the second half of 2019.

Samsung also reveals that its customer service will continue to be provided for all printing products after the acquisition is complete.

The company also says all discounts and programs signed between Samsung and its customers will be honored by HP Inc. Those include product warranties and service parts supply deals.

The company also promises to maintain and improve its Printing App Center, along with providing services in relation to mobile and cloud printing. It plans to build App Center 2.0 in 2017 and expands its MPS programs as well.

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