Epson Expects Double-digit Growth in Philippines

The Epson Philippines Corp. announced that they are expecting a double-digit increase for the coming fiscal year ending March 2018.

According to, the Philippine economy experienced a 6.8% increase last year and is projected to grow between 6.5% and 7% this year, corresponding with the development of the printing industry.

Furthermore, a 21% growth in revenue was reported for the earlier fiscal year, which was due to the strong demand in Philippine provinces. Essentially, the recent expansion in provinces has contributed a lot to the company’s revenue these years.

Epson Philippines senior general manager and marketing head Ed Bonoan predicts that Epson will remain as the leading printing company in the Phillipines.

Epson is now the leading printer brand in Philippines with a 41% market share in the professional printer category and 51% in inkjet innovations.

Epson Philippines president and managing director Toshimitsu Tanaka(pictured) said, “2017 is truly vital for the company as we continue to focus on making lives simpler and tasks easier with our innovations”. He continued, “These are what make Epson a trusted brand in many parts of the world.”

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