Exclusive Distributor for CET in UK Market

CET Group Co., Ltd. (CET) has announced that, as of 1st January 2020, Data Direct Thames Valley Ltd (Data Direct) will be the exclusive distributor for CET Copier spare parts and consumables in UK market.

CET chooses Data Direct as our strategic partner as we share the same philosophy of meeting the highest quality standards, whilst offering competitive market pricing in order to bring benefits to our clients.

CET is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of copier and printer parts and consumables and keep investing in the research and development of new products through the years. With 24 years’ experience in this industry, CET now carries a product portfolio of 7000 items and distribute their products only via distributors in each country.

Data Direct has been in the market for over 27 years, but individuals within the company have many years of industry experience in various market-leading companies around the world.

As the cooperating philosophy of CET said – Your Success is Our Priority – it is believed that the close bond between CET and Data Direct can bring plenty of new opportunities and benefits into the market. They will make mutual efforts to provide one-stop product solution, serving dealers with strong technical support and create profits for the dealers via Data Direct’s professional distribution channels in UK.


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