ETIRA Welcomes New Board Members

The European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association (ETIRA) has appointed three new members to its board, namely, The Recycler’s Stefanie Unland, Armor Office Printing’s Gerwald van der Gijp and Greenman AB’s Jorgen Wonisch.
As reported by The Recycler, Unland, Managing Editor of The Recycler, has become the first woman named a member of the board. Van der Gijp is Armor Office Printing’s Vice President and General Manager while Jorgen Wonisch is CEO of Swedish remanufactured cartridge distributor Greenman AB.
David Connett, founding member and Vice-President of ETIRA, OCP’s Carsten Edelmeier and Armor’s Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage have stepped down.
Remaining board members include LVL’s Philippe Guenin, KMP’s Jan-Michael Sieg, Consuprint’s Javier Martinez and Pelikan’s Joachim Kretschmer.
Vincent van Dijk, Secretary General of ETIRA, said, “We are very excited about working with Stefanie and her team at The Recycler: only together can we spread the message about the benefits of remanufacturing!”
In commenting upon her new role, according to The Recycler, Unland said: “In my 10 years in the remanufacturing industry, I have seen a lot of change, and continue to see change ahead. ETIRA has always been at the forefront in terms of supporting the remanufacturing industry in these changing times, so I am excited and honored to be able to do anything I can to support ETIRA and continue its good work.”
Christian Wernhart, President of ETIRA, is confident with the new board in cracking current challenges. “Our industry is going through a process of consolidation, and markets are still under pressure of lower print volumes and low pricing. We need to fight for our position, and ETIRA helps us to do just that,” said Wernhart.

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