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iTech, Biztec partnering up

A new alliance between two local technology companies will provide enhanced communication solution opportunities for local businesses, according to a news release.

iTech, which is a local Xerox office equipment provider, is partnering with Biztec, of Parkersburg, a complete technology solutions provider. The goal of the two companies is to promote technology solutions in the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding areas.

According to Mike Williams, owner of iTech, the alliance will provide a much-needed service to businesses.

“The new synergy created by this partnership will provide a wide range of growth opportunities for regional companies,” said Williams.

Biztec owner Joe Sams said the partnership is a natural fit for both companies. “This is a perfect partnership of two leading technology providers coming together to provide a host of technology services,” said Sams.

iTech, which has corporate offices at 1115 Garfield Ave. in Parkersburg and sales offices in Marietta and Athens, will immediately start promoting Biztec technology solutions to their clients. Biztec, with its offices at 3207 Emerson Ave. in Parkersburg, will also begin promoting iTech Xerox office equipment technology. Next steps are to combine both offices into the same location.

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