Epson Suggests Effective Managing Printing in South Africa

Epson Suggests Effective Managing Printing in South Africa

As recent studies have shown an increase in printing in South African market, organizations should streamline their document management and document workflow when considering printing preferences, said Lizette Ebersohn, Channel Account Manager at Epson.

ITWeb reported it has collaborated with Epson to conduct an online printing survey during March to determine how South African organizations handle their printing.

Ebersohn explained printing solution trends are changing in South Africa, which resulted in revolutionary printing capabilities including products such as multi-functional printers and mobile printing technology (wireless and Ethernet printers). Also, recent printing trends have resulted in the size of printers changing, which allows for better use of office space and portability.

“Trends have also seen the transition from laserjet to inkjet printing and growth in the label printing industry.” said Ebersohn.

She asserted that printing expenses can have a serious impact on an organization’s budget, so having a solid printing solution strategy in place can dramatically reduce costs. Moreover, she believed organizations have the power to control expenditure linked to their printing requirements by applying well thought-out and effectively implemented printing solutions.

“Most organizations, whether large or small, have to be aware of the cost of printing in their business as the production of documents has become such a large portion of business expenditure.” added Ebersohn.

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