Epson study Finds 62% SMEs Favor Laser Printers

According to Budapest Business Journal, Epson Hungary and KutatóCentrum has conducted survey among local small- and medium-sized enterprises employing 50 or fewer people and five or fewer printers. The result found that 62% of SMEs responding that laser printers are used in their operations. Another 31% are using mainly inkjet printers.

Epson Hungary CEO Miklós Fábián, “This ratio shows that companies still have the traditional approach when choosing printing technology. Although laser printing is a widely prevalent, reliable technology, we think that the recent development of printing technology is now superseding laser printing.”

The survey also suggests that SMEs are “not aware of their printing costs and the exact cost per page … Companies are dedicated to reduce printing costs but the tools they choose may risk their economical operation. On the contrary, modern inkjet printers could reduce printing cost by 50%”.

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