EMEA, Printer, Shipments, Stabilize, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Growth, Decline, 2017

EMEA Printer Shipments Stabilize

EMEA, Printer, Shipments, Stabilize, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Growth, Decline, 2017Printer shipments to Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are on the rise, increasing 1% in the first quarter of 2017 (Q1 2017) compared to the 8% decline in Q1 2016.

According to CONTEXT, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) outperformed every other region, reporting a 7% growth on average in printer shipments despite of the double-digit decline in the previous year. Laser MFPs, among all, is said to be the only category registering negative growth in Q1 2017.

In UAE, sell-in levels of laser hardware shrunk, however, they reported a 19% increase in overall sell-in levels due to the strong performance of inkjet technology devices.

CONTEXT noted that “Despite a percentage point decline in printer hardware shipments to Turkey, because of weak performance of single-function devices, sell-in levels of multifunction laser and inkjet hardware increased.”

Moreover, sales to Western Europe (WE) are responsible for almost 70% of all printer hardware shipments to EMEA and the performance in the first quarter was flat. This demonstrated a year-on-year improvement as there was a 6% decline in the same quarter last year. The predominant factor causing the increase of shipments was the multifunction devices.

For instance, France and the UK both reported a single percentage point increase, primarily due to inkjet technology devices. Spain and the Netherlands performed well in printer hardware with both achieving a double-digit growth. However, Germany had a 5% overall decline.

Lastly, sell-in to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) was ultimately similar to WE, remaining flat. Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus were notable strong performers. On the other hand, Poland and the Czech Republic declined.



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