Easier Access to Patient Data for a New MFP

Patient information in America can be conveniently accessed by healthcare professionals online because of Xerox’s new solution developed for small healthcare providers.

According to Xerox, this solution is a type of Healthcare MFP in connection with a clinical document exchange cloud service—Kno2™. It is equipped with handy apps that can increase both the efficiency of processing paperwork and users’ work.

Providers can use the “Share Patient Information” button on the MFP to scan patients’ documents and send it to their addresses. That will avoid the risk of violating HIPAA and can produce an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Xerox claims that the MFP can let providers keep pace with EMR regulations while enabling caregivers to focus more on patients.

Tracey Koziol, the senior vice president of Office and Solutions Business Group in Xerox said, “The Healthcare MFP provides a secure digital exchange workflow solution that is both intuitive and familiar, making actionable clinical information available more quickly to the care community.”

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