Drugs Found in Cartridges

Some have tried it before, and now others have also been caught stuffing narcotics worth about RM1million (US $250,488) into toner cartridges in Malaysia.

In two separate raids, Malaysia police busted two drug syndicates, and arrested three Africans.

“We seized 3.4kg of drugs believed to be syabu. The drugs were in 40 packages. Checks found that the illicit items were stuffed in laptop adaptors and brought in by sea from China via a courier service,” so said the Federal Narcotics Criminal Inves-tigation Department Commander Datuk Seri Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff when commenting on the first raid.

During the second raid, police seized 1.4kg of drugs believed to be syabu worth RM800,000 (US $200,390) “In this case, four toner cartridges were each stuffed with about 350g of the drugs. All in all, we seized 4.8kg of drugs with the help of China’s National Narcotics Control Commission,” he said, adding that two cars worth RM48,000 (US $12,023) were also impounded.

According to The Star, police have seized 56.8kg of drugs and arrested thousands, including 1,939 foreigners between January and March 17 this year.

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