Disruptor? Competitor? Do we ‘fight’ or ‘cooperate’ to survive?

With more and more disruption in the market—through mergers, acquisitions, overseas players entering domestic markets—the print consumables industry in the Americas is experiencing an earthquake with prices and quality all being shaken up.

What’s the difference?

“If we keep hostile and refuse to accept there could be an alternative way, we might end up dying.”

Take Amazon as an example.

Recently Amazon Web services have become the world’s cloud leader. They went from the laughed-at competitor to the disruptive leader.

So the next question is, how should we tackle the disruptors? Should we fight, cooperate, or become one?

There’s a lot to be discussed on this hot topic, and the answers are essential to our business future. Getting hold of those answers is definitely worth making an effort to achieve.

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