Glory of “Made in USA” rtmworld

Difficult Path Back to the Glory of “Made in USA”

Cartridge remanufacturer HYB has published an article about Glory of “Made in USA”.

The article reads:

As the trade war heats up, the US has announced a 10 per cent tariff on $300bn worth of Chinese-made products from September 1st. Unfortunately, for the printer consumables industry, all cartridges and toner cartridges and components are subject to a 25% tariffs (the estimated value of the goods or transactions in question).

“Come back to the United States and produce your goods in the United States,” Trump said many times. “It is conceivable that the U.S. government is now hoping to encourage sales by U.S. manufacturers and bring manufacturing back to the U.S. through tariffs policy. But in the history of a hundred years, development of the manufacturing industry is like nomads living by water and grass, where there is vitality, where there is migration. After overtaking the United States in 2010, China became the world’s largest manufacturing nation. Over the past 20 years, China has embarked on the path of upgrading low-cost to high-end products. More obviously in the Print supplies products, currently Zhuhai has been called the world’s “consumables’ capital.”

As one of the leading manufacturers in Zhuhai, the resolution of HYB with their Re-Manufactured Drum Cartridges gained great popularity in the Market. After the Introduction of the U.S. Government’s “Antitrust Law”, this product line stands out of many products categories based on their supreme quality configuration composed of Virgin Empty O.E.M Drum cartridges + High Efficient OPC Drum and Blade, which enable the performance of products to pursue the Genuine Drum Units. The perfect balance of cost and quality and the value customers obtained from the products are the reasons why HYB Re-manufactured Drum Units being popular.

Glory of “Made in USA” rtmworld

Even though the trade policy was aimed for increasing the sales of domestic products in U.S.A, the fact is that the largest remanufacturing plants face debt takeovers and even bankruptcies. As a result, the project to engage in regenerative drum components in the United States has a negative impact. Because the manufacturer who re-manufacture drum units must have a existing recycling channels with a team of high-experienced engineers (with reasonable labor cost), in order to fill the market’s demand with cost-effective recycled products. Under the objective status quo of the high labor costs and cost for recycling channels in the United States, the demand of the future U.S. market will return to same sort of products produced in China (non-infringement).

This is a turbulent era for International trade, it can be said that “Made in China” printing supplies products are still the first choice of major global institutions. Among the huge manufacturers base in China, the Plan A is always looking for the most suitable partner who are qualified to manufacture “re-manufactured drum components” and keep the market share.
According to some market research, it revealed that most of the manufacturers in China are currently only supplying new compatible infringing cartridges, or only low added value products. In the past, they may continue to grow in the context of strong market demand. But with tariff crackdowns and patent barrier, the imaging supplies industry will be significantly changed from time to time and manufacturers that rely on the North American market will lose large numbers of orders. Recently, BROTHER has listed the names of 32 infringing cartridge suppliers, confirming that many companies that rely on the U.S. market will suffer huge shocks in the face of policy.

Glory of “Made in USA” rtmworld

Glory of “Made in USA” rtmworldSince the foundation of HYB, we have been dealing with countless challenges from the market, where we were surprisingly benefited sometimes. As a 21-year old company, HYB make good use of their advantages by their stable channels (10K-13K pieces of O.E.M empty cartridges monthly) of collection and integrated their production lines of Copier Drum Units together with their Toner cartridges. At the same time, HYB have their own R & D crew who are technical professionals in this field and they transferred their creation into patents of HYB. All these factors are supporting HYB and their distributors being competitive in their market and assure a sustainable growth of market share for the future.

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