Developing a Better Printer—Pantum Shows How it’s Done

Entering the competitive, global, printer hardware market has meant that Pantum had to develop and deliver faster, more efficient, encrypting printers—or risk becoming obsolete.

To this end, Pantum has just rolled out its new series of all-in-one printers. The specialized double-engine, scanning drive in the M6500/ 6550/ 6600 range, Pantum claims, will help to drastically boost work efficiency for businesses. Pantum says it can easily prove that scanned documents can be produced faster than most all-in-one devices.
MPS users who print high volumes can efficiently reduce their cost-per-page (CPP) with the new high speed duplex printer P3500DN, Pantum claims. The printer has a monthly duty cycle up to 80,000 pages.

As part of its core printer technology, Pantum is able to customize printers guaranteeing information security for users demanding higher levels of confidentiality.

With a 30-year history, the desktop printer industry has matured despite users demanding a more relaxed, simpler and yet more intelligent hardware solution. Prior to the advent of Pantum, printer manufacturing was monopolized by a few giant corporations in the U.S., Japan and Korea. As a Chinese printer manufacturer, Pantum has the blended advantage of being part of a giant group of companies which develop printers, print consumables, print chip and other technologies. This gives the company a competitive edge over its competitors in the market. In just a few years, the Pantum brand has emerged in 42 countries and regions, including the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and China. Pantum is geared to fast track its stable developments in speed, cost-per-page and security.

Most hardware resellers can only manage to gain profits from the downstream of the value chain. It is out of the question to meet consumers’ needs and guarantee business interests where monopolies are allowed to rule. However, when competition enters a market there can be more opportunities to deliver better products with increased cost savings. Pantum believes access to new markets will also provide new opportunities for its partners as well, enabling them to enter the mainstream printer industry.

Having been birthed in the Aftermarket, Pantum believes it has a business model that allows Aftermarket players to partner with its ongoing success. For example, Pantum is willing to offer an exclusive agency in small regions or for certain single models in regional markets. The Aftermarket knows and trusts the brands associated with Pantum, so new and old clients are being invited to partner with them. “We have a flexible partnership model. We customize a variety of business models for retailers, online sellers and MPS channels. Clients adopting different business models will cater to different user groups.”

Pantum says it will continue to explore new markets and deliver faster, more efficient and encrypting products at business level, to meet market needs. Contact Pantum by phone: (+86)-756-6258572 or Email:

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