Cute New Printer Invented

A German designer has invented a new kind of printer that challenges old standards.

The new concept printer, called “Paper,” is a 3-in-1 printer, copier and scanner that connects to your PC and mobile phone. So what is different?

It’s cute! It would be very attractive for mobile workers and small offices and homes.

Instead of relying on a stack of paper, it uses a continuous spool of paper at one end. Copying and scanning can be easy too with this new concept. You can open its side, put the document in and simply choose to make a copy or scan it to mobile devices such as smartphones.

The inventor, Ludwig Rensch, has also made it bright orange, making it even more eye-catching and has provided a handle to make it convenient to carry around.

However, you cannot buy one—not yet! “Paper” is still in its concept stage. You can watch how it works at

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