Counterfeit Cartridges Seized in Riyadh

Police authorities in Saudi Arabia have conducted a raid in central Riyadh.

During the raid, more than 500 counterfeit ink cartridges bearing the brands of “HP”, “Panasonic”, “Samsung” and “Cannon” were seized, along with more than 7,000 posters and cartridges ready for counterfeiting and some tools for refilling and packaging. The opearators were taken into custody for forging and counterfeiting trademarks in the Kingdom.

An inspection team from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) found counterfeit ink cartridges in a residential villa in Malaz, in the heart of Riyadh. According to MCI officials, the villa had been turned into a factory housing three warehouses, three offices and a plant to make counterfeit trademarks.

Previously, the ministry shut down a similar facility in Al-Khaimah in Jeddah, seizing 70000 counterfeit ink cartridges worth SR18 million (4.8 Mio US$).

According to, the raids were part of MCI inspection rounds, implemented by the ministry, on warehouses and all commercial institutions to verify their operations and to protect consumers from counterfeited goods.

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