Consumer Electronics Recycled in US Registered Highest Level

The consumer electronics industry last year recycled 660 million pounds of electronics across the United States at more than 8,500 collection locations, which is the industry’s highest annual record.

As was reported by, the results are from a Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) report under the eCycling Leadership Initiative (ELI). ELI is an industry effort, headed by CEA, with the aim to “increase collaboration among CE manufacturers, retailers, collectors, recyclers, non-governmental organizations and governments at all levels and to continue to increase the industry’s sustainability efforts”.

ELI’s annual recycling amount increased by over 6% in 2014, which is 40 million pounds above the 2013 result (620 million pounds) and more than double the amount before the eCycling Leadership Initiative was introduced in 2010 (300 million pounds).


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