Confusion Over Canon Complaint

A closer analysis of Canon’s complaint registered with the US international trade commission on May 7, reveals there may be some confusion.

Canon filed lawsuits back in February in New York against 18 companies who remanufacture, trade or distribute aftermarket printer cartridges. But this week, on May 7, Canon lodged a formal complaint, which is not a lawsuit, also over alleged patent infringement, with the commission.

Canon has dropped four patents used in the New York lawsuit filings and replaced them with 4 others in this newer ITC complaint.
In addition Canon has not named all the respondents in the New York lawsuit in this ITC complaint.

Wasana Brothers International trading as MSE, and Provantage LLC were both sued in New York but are absent from this ITC investigation.
And 17 companies added to this ITC complaint, were not sued back in February in New York.

An extract of the complaint filed by Canon with the ITC can be seen at

Remanufacturers, who are the targets by these recent OEM actions are being urged to attend the RT Imaging Summit in Las Vegas on May 29 and 30 where two prominent US patent attorneys will be on hand to discuss various aspects of the ITC and printer cartridge patents.

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