CMYK Partners With Leading Chinese Toner Manufacturer

CMYK Partners With Leading Chinese Toner Manufacturer

CMYK Partners With Leading Chinese Toner ManufacturerMotivated by its continuing global expansion, South African based CMYK Industries has partnered with a leading toner manufacturer in China to “co-develop, promote and sell” its polymerized color and monochrome toners.

CMYK say they first started talking to the toner manufacturer, whose name remains confidential at this time, back in October during RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai, run by Recycling Times Corporation.  However they have delayed the announcement until now, waiting for their markets to test the samples and provide feedback.

CMYK say they are very excited about the new range of toners describing them as exceptional. CMYK’s CEO Patrick Naude told RT Media, “We have not tested any products as good as these in the past decade. I’m amazed at the exceptional transfer efficiency the range has to offer.”

According to the agreement, CMYK Industries will work with the toner manufacturer to market its entire range using new brand names called “Unity” for the color range, and “Majestic” for the monochrome range.

Confident in its new range’s “all-measurable” performance, CMYK Industries says they are challenging existing and potential customers to “see the results for themselves”.

Naude added, “We have been seeing a huge difference in the price structure within emerging and developed markets. CMYK decided to invest in a product that is competitive on price and at the same time does not compromise on quality. Price and quality go hand in hand.”

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