Clover Responds to Cartridge Shipment Mistake

Clover Responds to Cartridge Shipment Mistake

Clover Technologies Group has been quick to respond to yesterday’s news that printer cartridges were seized and forfeited by US border authorities and reported to the International Trade Commission (USITC).

Linda Hernandez, Senior Marketing Manager with Clover Technologies Group told RT Media, “No Clover products were seized by Customs.”

Hernandez explained, “Two small shipments of empty printer cartridges from our Canadian customers intended for Mexicali, Mexico were misaddressed to our California warehouse. The mistake was detected at the U.S. border and when Customs notified Clover we rerouted the shipments to the correct destination. No Clover products were seized by Customs. Clover respects the intellectual property rights of others and devotes considerable resources to ensuring that it operates responsibly in the marketplace.”



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