Office Automation Trends To Be Shared at Summit

(Zhuhai, 13 September 2017) With the rapid development of science and technology, office automation has become a hot trend for most businesses. Many manual tasks in the office are being replaced by devices and equipment, making it is quicker and easier for staff to complete their tasks more securely.

How is this trend in office automation becoming more intelligent for business? Daniel Lai from OA China will update industry leaders at the RemaxWorld Summit on October 11, 2017.

Daniel Lai (pictured), has been engaged with the Office Automation (OA) industry for 22 years, since 1995, when he began working on direct sale to major clients at Xerox. Starting out as a dealer of copier leases using a private supplies brand, Lai then switched to building and developing a nationwide OA system including Wanqida and Jiazhilian. In order to promote OA, he has repeatedly conducted in-depth visits and exchanges with hundreds of outstanding Chinese OA dealers.

Additionally, Lai has organized discussion forums within the office industry, aiming to propel the trend in innovation. He has promoted industry development through the OA Forum, OA Information Channel and other media platforms. With a distinguished career in the OA industry, Lai hopes to open up the Chinese OA market—untapped for 30 years—and fully realize the value of clients and service in this industry.

Experts from US, UK, France, China, Russia, Egypt and Mexico will also gather at the annual RemaxWorld summit to share their industry insights: “Where do we go from here …now?”

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