Clover Imaging’s Reforestation Efforts Surge Upwards of 600,000 Trees

Clover Imaging Group (“Clover Imaging”) announces that over 600,000 trees have been planted in at-risk forests throughout the world through its close partnership with sustainability innovator, PrintReleaf.

Eric Martin, President of Clover Imaging, notes, “At Clover, we take environmental responsibility very seriously. It’s not just something we do, it’s a value we instill at all levels of our corporate culture. We’ve worked hard to educate everyone in our supply chain about the importance of sustainability — not only by leading through example, but by creating simple, innovative ways they can make a difference. Now, the excitement is taking hold among our valued partners, and as their commitment grows, our sustainability efforts are expanding exponentially.”

Clover Imaging’s long-standing partnership with PrintReleaf enables dealer partners to take advantage of PrintReleaf Exchange, an innovative software platform that provides businesses with an effortless way to offset their carbon footprint. The platform employs automated standards that measure the paper consumption of individual organizations and offsets it through global reforestation. Not only does PrintReleaf™ plant one tree for every 8,333 printed pages, but they provide reforestation jobs to uplift the communities in which they operate. Through these efforts, forests have been planted in countries throughout the world, including Madagascar, India, Brazil, and others, empowering communities and increasing industry focus on preserving raw materials.

PrintReleaf™ is just one of the key strategies Clover employs to help businesses and consumers lessen the environmental impact of their print activities. Clover’s environmentally friendly remanufactured printer cartridges re-use empty cartridges, the highest form of environmental responsibility, and represent a 51% smaller overall environmental impact than OEM cartridges. When a business or consumer chooses to purchase a remanufactured cartridge, they lower their printing costs, keep waste out of landfills and reduce their carbon footprint.

As more businesses look toward becoming more sensitive to resource conservation and more serious about protecting the limited resources of our planet, Clover continues to further develop sustainability initiatives for the benefit of its partners, clients, and the health of our environment.

(Source: Clover Imaging )


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