Clover Expands to Jordan

Clover Expands to Jordan

Clover Expands to Jordan

Clover Expands to JordanUS-based Clover Imaging Group has announced the partnership with IPrint.

As an authorized Clover distributor for Jordan, IPrint is introducing MSE branded remanufactured cartridges to the Jordanian market.

“Working together with IPrint, we look forward to building our partnership and to growing the MSE brand in Jordan.” Said the company.

In being remanufactured, Clover MSE branded premium IP safe cartridges are claimed to make office printing more environmentally sustainable. In addition, this sustainability combined with significant cost savings over the OEM, consistently delivers OEM-like quality and reliability.

About Clover Imaging Group

Centered around sustainable innovation, Clover Imaging Group offers dealers, OEMs, and distributors a complete imaging and solutions platform. Clover’s broad array of products and services includes award-winning remanufactured printer cartridges, a comprehensive suite of managed print services, and unparalleled marketing and sales support. Far from its early beginnings as an ink and toner remanufacturer, Clover has evolved into a global enterprise backed by world-class engineering, manufacturing and distribution infrastructure. These expansive capabilities enable Clover to provide a level of partnership unsurpassed in the aftermarket imaging space. For more information on Clover, please visit

About IPrint

Since 2014, IPrint provides technical solutions to help customers manage their printing environment in professional and cost-effective ways and to implement high-impact print marketing strategies. IPrint’s remanufactured products are helping environment sustainability since we are partnered with an array of products and services including award-winning remanufactured printer cartridges.

IPrint is comprised of a highly tenured team of passionate and committed experts armed and backed by a global brands infrastructure and a very highly qualified technical team from a global maintenance service center.

We love what we do; Working with passion enables us to take leadership of our client’s projects.

For more information on IPrint, please visit:



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