CIG Provides New Program for Dealers

CIG launched a new program—GreenSweep—to provide all of its dealers a 5-10% discount, which surpasses any previous programs of approved OEM conversion opportunities, for all the manufactured ink and toner products of its company. The product assortment and the involvement in CIG’s central collection programs will be the reference for the degree of different rebates.

The EVP of Global Sales and Marketing of CIG, Luke Goldberg stated, “With the GreenSweep program, we are empowering our partners to proactively take the fight to OEMs whose programs are impacting dealer choice and margins. OEM conversion is the way forward for our customers as a vehicle for growth, and given our small share of a nearly 80 billion dollar consumables market, we know that growth potential is massive and attainable with programs like GreenSweep, quality products, partnerships, and solutions, which are all integral elements of the Clover Imaging Group (CIG).”

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