Chuck Sharp Pays Tribute to Art Diamond







Charles L. Sharp, President, Digital Image Technology


I first met Art at one of his Imaging Materials conferences in the mid to late 1990’s when this annual conference was held on Hilton Head Island. Not only were they great conferences with lots of technical information, but they were perfect for networking and business development in the private label business as it related to both toner and the emerging ink jet business. Art was the magician that made these annual events a “must attend” for anyone who was anyone in these areas.

When I first had an opportunity to spend some time with him, I was amazed at the parallels we shared in the photo industry, although from opposing teams! It was from these early times that we transitioned from merely business colleagues to real friends. Art was not content to merely put on a great conference, but truly wanted everyone there to benefit from it and expand not only their business, but to grow this emerging industry. With Art’s guidance, a core group, sometimes referred to as the Hilton Head Inkjet Mafia, grew to pioneer many of the early innovations that made inkjet printing practical.

As the industry evolved and matured, we continued to meet at his conferences and other industry events, or simply spoke on the phone to learn of new innovations in the industry. Art helped me a lot in many ways that would take a book to describe. I tried to repay him by helping him in any way I could. He had me speak at many conferences and even asked me to chair one of his Ink Jet Conferences. I still do not think I could ever repay him for his guidance, kindness and genuine concern that he unfailingly showed.

When many of us would be thinking of retiring, Art was still full speed ahead. He introduced more and varied conferences to address the changing market.  When Art joined Recycling Times to help them grow into a World Wide powerhouse in the publishing and conference market for Toners and Inkjet, I asked him why, at his age, was he doing it. His reply, “because it is still fun!”.

The digital world of toners and inkjet is a far better place due to Art’s efforts and activities. I know that many of us who helped grow this industry have him to thank for helping us succeed.  He will be truly missed!

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