Chongqing Becomes No.1 Printer Production Base

As was reported on January 7, the current monthly production volume of printers in Chongqing has exceeded 1.5 million, making the city the world’s largest production base ofprinters.

Ever since HP signed the cooperation agreement with Chongqing government to build a printing and imaging production base last April, the city has been witnessing rapid growth in printer manufacture.

An officer of Chongqing Economic and Information Commission said that China is the world’s largest printer manufacturer producing 70 million units annually, 40 millions of them being inkjet printers. The country’s monthly output of inkjet printers nationwide is over 3 million units and half of them are from Chongqing.

Last April, HP, Foxconn signed a contract with Chongqing government to build a printer production base with an annual production capacity of 30 million units. Overall, Chongqing’s annual production capacity is expected to reach 60 million units, 1/3 of the worldwide yield. Within 5 years, printers and cartridges will give birth to a RMB 100-billion industry and provide 60-80 thousand job vacancies to help solve the employment problem. Moreover, the world’s most expensive printer, the 3-million/unit HP Indigo digital printer, will be produced in Chongqing as well.

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