Chinese leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorld

Chinese Leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorld

Chinese Leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorld

Chinese leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorld

Hundreds of visitors packed into information and association meeting sessions to hear from the captains of industry share their view from over the horizon.

Chinese leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorld

There has never been a more important time for the imaging supplies industry to come together to address common concerns facing the global industry.

The global pandemic saw a rapid decline in the use of A3 copier devices as well as laser printers used in the office, as millions of workers were forced into lockdown at home.

Issues relating to MPS, the A4 revolution, and firmware updates that lock out the use of third-party supplies were high on the agenda.

At the same time, there were opportunities seen in inkjet, e-commerce and the demand for more environmentally sustainable solutions as well.

Chinese companies are investing heavily in the development, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of printing devices with a booming domestic market demanding hardware, software and consumable supplies solutions.

Leaders expect global markets to follow, particularly with niche products, the need for A4 devices as the new normal will be a hybrid of workers returning to the office as well as working from home.

Chinese leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorldTo this end, this year’s RemaxWorld held three meetings during the two-day event, inviting 30 speakers, within and without the industry, to share insights, stir thinking and bring inspirations for the sake of the industry’s future development. Panel discussions encouraged audience participation.

Mobile phones were evident as the audience endeavoured to capture market trend information, particularly from IDC and Quocirca speakers, Shirley Ba and Louella Fernandez.

Arnald Ho, Chairman of  Print-Rite Holdings addressed the importance of patents through a video hookup to the attendees from Hong Kong.

RemaxWorld Summit 2020—the office equipment & consumables E-commerce forum was a highlight of the second day.

Speakers from Suning, Alibaba and Huawei shared their expertise and insights with aiming to inspire the attendees how the office equipment & consumables industry can achieve success with help of cross-border E-commerce.

Presenters from the likes of TikTok, Huawei, Alibaba, eBay and Amazon revealed there are new opportunities to reach new markets using new technologies.

Leading industry leaders made thematic presentations to the attendees, along with other speakers from Innopat and Teasra—the innovation channel. RT Media‘s global partners in Europe, Russia, Africa and Latin Americas also shared their insights on opportunities region by region through a video hookup.

The MPS forum saw experts from Epson, CET, and other companies address hot issues regarding office equipment leasing.

In addition to the discussion of how leasing companies can survive COVID-19, the panel discussion, joined by all the speakers, urged attendees to dig deep to see how compatible consumables can stand out in the equipment leasing industry.

RT Media’s Tony Lee (pictured below) said, “We are facing a lot of changes this year due to the pandemic. But I thank the Zhuhai government for its support of the industry to move to a high level of development in the future.”

Wei Yan (pictured below), Chairman of Consumables Professional Committee of CCIA, said, ” Yes, the pandemic is a crisis, but it’s also an opportunity. We should grasp the development trend of the industry and attach importance to the accumulation of resources in e-commerce channels, making it an important opportunity for the entire consumables industry chain.”

“A two-day event is definitely too short for a meetup where so much is being anticipated for the future,” said David Gibbons (pictured), Director of RT Media which organised the 14th annual exhibition and conferences.

“Many attendees found they had so much to explore, discuss and exchange and having a face-to-face event in a pandemic-riddled 2020 helped to provide a future for the Chinese domestic players.”

The first session on day one, November 20, 2020, saw the CCIA (Chinese consumables professional association) engage and share industry perspectives with government officials. Speakers in the opening session included (left to right, top) Tony Lee (Chairman of RT Group) and Renfu Chen (Vice Chairman of Zhuhai CPPCC).  (Left to right, bottom) Jingze Du (CCIA general secretary) and Wei Yan (Chairman of consumables professional committee of CCIA).

Chinese leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorld

Jackson Wang, Chairman of Ninestar Corporation, pointed out that low gross profits are a key problem faced by the industry. “While the sales units have been increasing, the profits are actually declining. That’s not healthy for the industry future development,” he said. “As an industry, we need to work together and work out a solution.”  “The China domestic market is huge and full of opportunities and everyone can grow if we stick to rational and healthy competition. To achieve that, we should be patient in quality brand building and cooperate to overcome the difficult times,” Wang added.


Li Ding, CTO of Ninestar, shared Apex’s achievements of on-chip development and the challenges faced by the chip industry. “Technology and patents are the two key factors that can guarantee success for future development,” said Ding.

Chinese leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorld

Benjamin Yang, vice general manager of Dinglong Image Divison, pointed out that over-capacity in production has weakened the profit of the whole industry chain.  “The situation will get worse if we do not change,” he said. From his point of view, homogeneous competition and price wars were hurting the industry. “Innovation and cooperation is the future. We should all compete equally while cooperating with the upstream and downstream companies within the industry. We can only build a healthy eco for the industry with trust,” he added.

Chinese leaders Examine Industry Crises at RemaxWorld

Yong Liu, Chairman of Dalian Zonewin Technology, talked about innovation models where compatible consumable companies consider cooperation with OEM printers.



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