CET Unveils Breakthrough Water Foam Technology

CET Unveils Breakthrough Water Foam Technology

CET Unveils Breakthrough Water Foam Technology

CET launched the lower fuser roller for HP M452dn printer, utilizing its proprietary water foam technology.

CET Unveils Breakthrough Water Foam TechnologyRecognizing the need to stay synchronized with OEMs and meet the current configuration requirements for new technology machines, CET embarked on developing water-based foam technology.

After extensive research and development, CET successfully developed and mastered this innovative new manufacturing technique in-house, positioning itself as a leading compatible manufacturer with this capability.

According to CET, its water foam creates a softer, sponge-like roller with a finer molecular structure with a NIP of 15mm, 7mm wider than standard silicone rollers. The wider NIP increases the contact area, which improves performance and fusing.

In addition, CET’s water foam technology creates an interconnected foam pore structure that allows for quick energy absorption and release, improving product longevity and performance.

“Water foam technology is perfect for enterprises seeking greater efficiency and improved performance due to its reliability and durability, which lowers costs and saves money,” said the spokesperson of CET.

CET claims it plans to expand the product line further, developing products for other leading brands, including Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Canon.

About CET Group 

The CET Group is a leading manufacturer of compatible toners, toner cartridges, drum units, fuser assemblies, and parts for the office imaging industry. The company distributes products through its own branches and authorized distributors to 193 markets around the world and has been in business for over 25 years. For more information about CET’s product offering go to www.cetgroupco.com



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